re you tired of seeing excess fat and skin on your body?

Mesotherapy is a treatment option that’s designed to address these problematic areas so that you can have the slimmer, tighter physique that you deserve.

Our Spring Mountain Aesthetics medical spa proudly offers mesotherapy to Las Vegas residents who want to change their physical appearances for the better.


• Treatment has been producing great results for many years 
• Several areas of the body can be targeted 
• A nonsurgical alternative to liposuction


he Mesotherapy Treatment Process

You’ll receive a series of injections into problem areas of the body to achieve the desired effect. Injectable serums that are used for this treatment often include natural ingredients and safe prescription medicines. Common areas of the body that are treated include the stomach, buttocks, hips and legs. Excess fat and skin sagginess on the face can also often be reduced with this treatment. 

Ready To Improve Your Looks?

Ready To Improve Your Looks?