Muscles in the face and neck are extremely versatile. This versatility is what makes it possible for a person to exhibit a wide range of expressions. As a person’s skin is exposed to environmental factors like sunlight and chemicals, it loses some of its ability to “bounce back” when the underlying muscles work. Botox treatments are a very safe, quick, and effective way to minimize skin folding.

Botox benefits include:

Reductions in the visibility of frown lines, crow’s feet, and deep forehead lines.

* A smoother, more youthful, and less tense facial appearance.

* Tension relief for skin that promotes healing and rejuvenated collagen production.

* Relief from facial appearance issues that sometimes lead people to consider invasive surgical options.

Botox is derived from a natural bacterial source that is appropriate for men and women. It is gently injected directly into the facial muscles. Most people experience subtle changes in their appearances within a couple of days. Even if relieving your deep skin line problem requires several treatments, recovery and downtime is minimal.
Our temporary Botox treatments at Spring Mountain Aesthetics in Las Vegas provide appearance improvements for several months. Before you begin a Botox regimen, our specialists can identify exactly why certain facial lines are appearing. This will allow them to design a completely customized treatment plan. Contact our office with any questions that you have about Botox, and to schedule an appointment.


At Spring Mountain Aesthetics, we can inject neurotoxins like Botox Jeuveau or Xeomin to treat excessive under arm sweating. It is a safe and effective treatment for hyperhidrosis.