Laser Hair Removal



re you tired of shaving, waxing, plucking, nicks, cuts and ingrown hair?

Laser hair removal is a fast, safe and convenient was to get rid of unwanted facial or body hair. Our FDA cleared Candela Gentle Yag Laser works to remove hair on all skin types.

Pricing as low as $25 per treatment.

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• Easy on your skin 
• Less discomfort than traditional lasers 
• Great results


entle Hair Removal Candela Gentle Yag Laser targets the hair follicle at the root, delivering a burst of gentle energy and therapeutic heat to provide permanent hair reduction over the course of a few treatments.

In additional super-fast treatment times, Gentle Hair Removal ensures additional comfort through its patented Dynamic Cooling Device™, which uses cooling bursts of liquid cryogen for the most gentle laser hair removal treatment available today!


What can I expect during a Laser Hair Removal treatment? 
We will use a small handpiece to deliver an intense but gentle burst of energy onto targeted areas of the skin. Therapeutic heat then safely and effectively removes unwanted hair. 
Is this treatment good for different skin tones? 
Yes! Other laser hair removal treatments don’t cater to all skin types, but there’s a Gentle Hair Removal treatment that’s right for you, no matter what your skin tone. 
How long does a laser hair removal treatment take? 
A treatment can take as little as a few minutes to as long as an hour, depending on the treatment area and the condition being treated. Both legs can often be treated in as few as 15 minutes, as can an average-sized man’s back. 

How many treatments will I need? 
Multiple treatments are required to achieve the full hair removal effect. That’s because hair grows in three stages:
– Anagen (the growth stage). Hair is thickest and darkest, so laser treatments are most effective.
– Catagen (the transitional stage). The hair begins to loosen from its follicle.
– Telogen (the shedding stage). The hair falls out to make room for new growth.

The hairs on your body are not always at the same stage, so you’ll need to undergo a few treatments, an average of six weeks apart, to catch them all in the growth stage.

How do I prepare for a laser hair removal treatment? 

For about six weeks prior to treatment, you should avoid plucking, electrolysis or waxing. On the day of your treatment, skin should be clean-shaven and thoroughly cleansed of any makeup, creams, oils, topical anesthetics or self-tanning products. Apply sunblock (SPF 30 or above) before your treatment.
Do not expose the treatment area to sunlight or tanning booth light prior to or immediately after treatment. 

To learn more about this amazing laser hair removal treatment and our current appointment openings, please contact us in Las Vegas to speak to one of our knowledgeable team members. 

Ready To Improve Your Looks?

Ready To Improve Your Looks?