f you want to retain fresh, young-looking skin for the long term, Jeuveau may work for you. This injectable treatment is able to erase certain wrinkles and fine lines that often form on the face as people age. When you visit our medical spa, you can receive Jeuveau in Las Vegas that will make it seem as though you’ve magically turned back the hands of time. 


• No surgery involved 
• Absolutely no recovery downtime 
• Cheaper and faster than other cosmetic treatments


he Jeuveau Treatment Process

This treatment consists of a series of small injections that are administered to areas of the face where wrinkles and fine lines are showing. Prior to receiving your injections, a topical agent that numbs the skin can be applied so that your treatment will be as comfortable and painless as possible. Our goal is to give you the best results while using as little of the Jeuveau serum as possible during your treatment.


Will the results look natural? 
Jeuveau is one of the best treatments for achieving natural-looking results. You won’t be left with a face that looks frozen or artificial. 
How safe is Jeuveau? 
The serum that’s used is formulated for maximum safety. Jeuveau has even received FDA approval for its effectiveness.  
How often will I need touchup treatments? 
Jeuveau can be administered as often as once every three months. However, you may be able to go for a longer time period before subsequent treatments are needed. 
Jeuveau may be your answer to a younger-looking you. To learn more about the benefits of Jeuveau in Las Vegas and to schedule an appointment, please contact our medical spa today.

Ready To Improve Your Looks?

Ready To Improve Your Looks?