Our Spring Mountain Aesthetics medical spa provides chemical peels treatments to Las Vegas residents.

If your facial skin needs a boost, a chemical peel offers a great way to reduce the appearance of many skin flaws while giving the skin the makeover it deserves. The chemical peel treatment also has anti-aging effects by reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. We have the tools and training to give you the safest, most comprehensive treatment imaginable.


  • Noninvasive 
  • Fast treatment time 
  • Short recovery time

Our Chemical Peel Treatment

We’ll apply a solution to your skin that’s formulated to peel away the upper layer that often has dirt, dead skin cells and other debris trapped within it. Once this top layer of skin has peeled away, a newer, healthier skin will emerge for the world to see. The lightening effects of our chemical peel solution can also reduce dark spots and even out skin tone.


A chemical peel is one of the best-known treatments for acne. This peel can clear the clogged pores and reduce the oily skin that can contribute to breakouts. 

The exact amount of time will depend on the intensity of the peel solution that’s used, but results usually last a few months. 

Even if you don’t see your skin peeling, the treatment is still working. Skin shedding isn’t always visible to the human eye, and you should feel confident that your treatment is working to improve your skin. 
We want to give everyone top notch chemical peels so Las Vegas residents can face the world with greater confidence. To learn more about this treatment or ask us any other questions about our medical spa, please get in touch with us today.