The PRP facial is a treatment that can be done by microneedling or directly injecting into the skin. PRP used for this type of treatment is derived from blood serum.
PRP is routinely given to people who have suffered injury and damage to their joints. The serum is extremely powerful in promoting the healing and regeneration of tissues. Clients looking for facial treatments in Las Vegas can take advantage of PRP to address issues with their skin. After all, most of the problems people have with their skin are due to age and environmental damage.
The most desired benefits of a prp facial include:
  • Reductions in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 
  • Renewed natural collagen production. 
  • Restored skin elasticity in areas like the forehead, cheeks, neck, and under the eyes. 
  • A noticeable decrease in pore size. 
  • Improvements in skin tone, texture, hydration, and surface evenness. 
PRP that is prepared for facials has a much higher concentration of platelets than typical serum. It is applied to the skin just before micro-needling takes place. When the micro-needles are activated, they gently create new channels in the skin. PRP is simultaneously pushed into the channels, and it immediately coaxes the skin to produce growth factors. Along with micro-needling, PRP serum can also be directly injected into particularly troublesome skin areas. This targets the needs of very deep skin layers. Though this long-lasting facial has an interesting name, the half-hour treatments create very low levels of discomfort. There is also virtually no need for any recovery downtime.

If you are ready to discover how PRP facial treatments can benefit your skin, contact our office to schedule an evaluation. It’s time to look your best!