aintaining youthful-looking skin and a healthy, radiant glow is easy thanks to Xeomin. This injectable treatment is clinically proven to lessen the appearance of glabellar lines (or “frown lines”) that often form between the eyebrows as people age. Even if you have moderate or deep lines, the Xeomin city residents have been raving about can give you a great treatment outcome.


• Long-lasting results 
• Fast and easy treatment 
• Little to no recovery downtime needed


he Xeomin Treatment Process

We’ll carefully administer a series of Xeomin injections in between the eyebrows to minimize the appearance of lines. Every necessary precaution will be taken to keep you as safe and comfortable as possible throughout your treatment.


How long does a treatment session take to complete? 
On average, a single Xeomin treatment takes 10 to 20 minutes to complete. 
How long do the results last? 
Results usually last up to three months before additional treatments will be needed to maintain your look. 

Our medical spa provides Xeomin for Las Vegas residents who wish to hide some of the telltale signs of aging. We look forward to giving you the comprehensive and professional care that will leave you feeling satisfied.

Contact us today to learn more about this treatment and to find out our current appointment availability. 

Ready To Improve Your Looks?

Ready To Improve Your Looks?